About Sandra McArdle

My interest in silver jewellery making started many years ago but in 2016 I graduated from the London Jewellery School, Hatton Garden, with a Diploma in Silver Jewellery (distinction) and started Sandra McArdle Jewellery.

I was inspired by the poem “The Station” by Robert Hastings, worth a read if you are on a relentless career treadmill. I opened my eyes to the world around me and started to see and really appreciate the beauty in nature, the shapes of leaves, the structure and delicacy of petals and the colours.

Now I love working with silver and semi precious stones to create an object of beauty. I never cease to be amazed at the way silver changes and responds as it’s worked to create that final piece and to be part of that process is so rewarding.

As I have developed my business I have had the privilege to meet some wonderful people, to talk to them about what it is they are looking for in a piece of jewellery or silverware. Then translating that into an item of jewellery, a gift or keepsake is something I am very proud of.




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